Fair Use Policy

Our "unlimited plans" are subject to this Fair Use policy. This helps us continue to offer a great tool at an affordable cost to everyone.

✅ In general, normal output generated 100% by human team members is allowed and covered in fair use.

❌ Generating a high volume of content with the help of scripts or automation tools does not fall within fair use.

Regarding Automations:
We're currently allowing a small pilot batch of users who want to use some form of automation and are generating high volume.
If you'd like to use automation, please reach out to support in the app or email [email protected] and let us know you'd like one of those spots. We'll have an additional small fee for additional words over 500,000/mo and work with you to make sure you're within our guidelines.
Note: If you are using automation and don't let us know, we will immediately lock and permanently disable your account.
Double Note: If we have a lot of people trying to use automation without telling us, OR we have more issues scaling our app because of automation, we'll need to ban automation outright.